Jesus Was Not “White”

Have you ever seen a movie about Jesus and his life, where he was not a white guy? That would be probably hard to find especially if the movie was made in Hollywood. Assuming that historical facts about Jesus are correct, he was a Jewish Middle Eastern man. He was not from Europe! So why most Christians like to think that he was white? Some even insist on it. How else would all the Christian right wings accept him as their lord if they considered him anything else but white?

Since Europeans adapted Christianity as their main religion it must have been difficult for them to think of Jesus as anything but white. It seems quite mind bugling, isn’t it?

 But how would the racist people of the world feel if Jesus was alive right now and then they would see that he has darker skin, darker eyes, and not really what you see in the movies?

 In an episode of “Politically Incorrect” show hosted by Bill Maher, after the event of the September 11th, he brought up the same subject and said that “If Jesus was alive today and was going to get on a plane he would be subject to the kind of profiling that is going on these days”. Well it didn’t take long for his show to get cancelled for such comments and telling people about what make real sense.

 What makes this concept even more interesting is that it’s not just the Europeans and their descendants who want Jesus to be white. It seems that all Christians prefer a white Jesus!

A couple of years ago I was taking a sociology course at a community college in the Seattle area. One day the teacher was talking about Christianity and brought up the same subject. He told the class that Jesus was not white and by today’s standards he would have been considered as brown. The teacher’s idea raised a few eyebrows but the white students did not really object to it.  But a few Asian (Chinese) students in the class went berserk. “What do you mean Jesus was brown?” they said. “It’s impossible. Jesus must have been white”.

 It was as if their whole world came down crumbling on them. Those students or their parents must have converted to Christianity because they believed that they will be worshiping a white god. It’s not a secret that racism in many Asian communities is quite strong and that white means “good”. Have you ever seen a picture of a Chinese Bride? Their faces are decorated with plenty of white makeup. To them, along with many other cultures in the world white brings luck and prosperity and dark brings evil. No wonder they can’t stand the idea that Jesus was not white.

 I don’t believe that Jesus brought a new religion to divide people. Jesus should be a symbol for humanity and good deeds. Surely he did not think about if his followers are white, black, red or yellow or any other color. And yes, he must have looked “brown” himself!


Article written by puddlekitty

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  1. thetruth

    When are you NON-Whites going to just accept that the White man is far superior than most.. Japanese are very intelligent and so are the Chinese due to there Observance, Patience and other important factors which Indians and Blacks dont have and if they do it is a minimal percentage.

    1) When has 1 African country ever built a ship that has been seaworthy.

    2) When has there ever been a example of a country other than White run.. Example, Dutch, Irish, English and German that has built itself other thank Japan China.. without the White man..

    Look at how you have all littered our beautifully run countries with your mass migration and mass reproduction, bleeding our systems dry.. just like you have bled your countries dry for the last 10000 years.. You should be ashamed on how your cultures are run. But you continue to try and say the White man is racist, he kills, he made Guns, slaves, racism etc etc.. Your uncles and aunts sold your cousins and kids off for better lives in a foreign land.. they let you go.. We made guns to protect ourselves from the brutaltiy you brought to our countries.. We didnt just hang you for fun… So if you go and do some real research you will see what has happened to SOuth Africa and Zimbabwe.. where white have built up communites, built schools for all the natives.. built f*ing everything and what do you go and do.. Burn the schools, kill the farmers, rape the white women and there kids… Rape babies, Kill each other from another colour.. You are all f*ing animals man.. and trust me, I am a white man who is proud to be white, I know the truth, and one day I will have to fight for it! If you dont like white people.. Go and f*ing learn something first before you open that goat feasting mouth.. Have some respect for the white man as if he were not here.. It would be like taking the gravity away from this earth.. You would all be living in mudshacks eating plantain and ground flour eating with your hands and living like the scum you are.. and all of you that think that mixing race will bring peace.. look at the coloured race in South Africa.. No peace there.. Just extreme violence and utter deceit amongst the communities.. Shame on you bastards… Rather go back to Africa and build your own countries with the education we have given you, instead of trying to sell drugs to our white communities and trying to f**K our lovely white women who take care of themselves, not like your smelly women that bath twice a week and smell like cowhide! PS: Jesus was ever around… who cares what colour he was.. what difference will that make… what we need to look at is how the white man is being screwed over by these non whites!! Time to fight!

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  2. vancityraisedboi

    Whatever, Jesus was white and looked like Fabio.

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