White Men – Asian Women – Part 2

Well it’s been over a year now since I wrote my first article on Asian Women/White men relationships for debateonrace.com and there was a lot of interest in my post. I received mixed reviews to my observations. A couple of friends who are in relationships with Asian women, and read the article, got a little upset and argued about why I would write such nonsense. Also I was accused of being biased against Asians.

I guess these friends have missed my point all together. My intention was completely the opposite and I was accusing most of the Asian women of being biased towards men who are not “white”. However I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and started to do some experiments to see if I can prove myself wrong. Well, I can tell you that the results were not so good!

I have a friend who is half Spanish and half Indian. He is highly educated, articulate, polished, well rounded and quite a handsome guy. He was born and grew up in Vancouver, Canada. A few weeks ago I asked him about his experience with Asian (Chinese and look alike) women. I was not surprised when he told me that he has never dated an Asian woman and they hardly even notice him. Of course he does not have to worry about that as he is always dating beautiful European, Indian or other non-Asian ethnicities. I proposed to him that I would like to do an experiment and if he would like to participate. He seemed intrigued. So here is what we did:

I am sure you all have heard of speed dating by now! I knew people who have gone to speed dating events and told me that usually half of the women are Asian (remember now, I live in Vancouver, BC, so that should not be a surprise to anyone who lives here or have visited the city!). So I asked my friend to go to a speed dating event with me and have a little fun. We signed up for an event that was designed for Women between ages of 30-40, and men 32-42. This means that we were not dealing with young and immature people but rather people who have some experience in life. So one night we went to a lounge where the speed dating event was being held at. There were 12 men and 12 women. I was amazed to see that out of 12 women exactly half were Asians.

The way this particular speed dating works is that, you sit down and chat with each participant of the opposite sex for about 6-7 minutes and then move on to the next. If you like someone then you will select her on the paper you are given. If the same person selects you too, then there is a match and the agency will send email address of the matches for follow-up! The results would be sent the following day.

I told my “dark handsome” friend to select all the Asian women regardless of what happens during conversations. I did the same thing and selected all six Asian women. When the event was over we went for a drink and talked about our individual experiences with our “dates”. Not to my surprise the Asian women showed a lot of interest in me (as a “white” man), were flirtatious, and couple of them kept on touching my hands as we were engaged in our dreary conversations. However, my friend had a completely different experience with the Asian women. But apparently he had a great time with non-Asians women!

The next day we received our matches. I was absolutely shocked to see that all six Asian women had selected me as a match! Now guess how many of them selected my friend, who does not look “white”. Yes, you are correct, none, zero, zilch! Sweet! Chinese cookies anyone!?

Do I need to say more? I think I do have lot more to say about Asians, so stay tuned….

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