Diversity is Arbitrary

Diversity has become a fashionable concept since a couple of years ago. Previously the craze was around multiculturalism, and the fad about mosaic. But what is diversity and what good does it do to our society today? Why do we celebrate it and value it so much?

Diversity is a society that is composed of multiple ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures. Yet, it doesn’t end with the inclusion of the assorted variety of race or nationality; it also contains all religious beliefs, genders, and sexual orientations. What do we do when we celebrate diversity? We learn to be sensitive towards a certain oppressed group of people who are separated by color and background from the rest of us, the white privileged society that composes Europe and North America. We press a guilt trip on ourselves for claiming this beautiful country we have built and refusing to share our lands with the colored immigrants. It is so true that the white people have worked extremely hard to establish peaceful, technologically and scientifically advanced, regulated and lawful societies. This is why people of other countries would like to immigrate here and live alongside of us. Let’s be scrupulous and acknowledge that this delicacy for racial embodiment is in fact hypocrisy.

Races within the human society are no different from the breeds of cats, or dogs or even rabbits. As each breed varies from the other in nature, traits and temperament; each human race is conjointly distinct from the other. Today it is taboo for researchers to study the connection and the correlation between ethnicity/race and intelligence and capabilities. Scientists are reserved and purposely avoid exploring the intellectual, mental and emotional normality or anomalies linked to each race and ethnicity. They fear unveiling the truth about the superiority of the white people as opposed to the colored races and being regarded as racists. Furthermore we all know that people from the third world countries are less intelligent and less capable than the white people from the industrialized and capitalized countries. If they were simply equally intelligent, they could shape and inhabit countries and nations identical to ours. Then they wouldn’t need to immigrate to enjoy our societies and advancements.

We keep hearing that cultural diversity contributes to innovative productivity and when an institution or a corporation is celebrating and valuing it, they only recognize the consequences related to the success of the organization based on the positive impact the creativity of this group may or may not bring. They completely conceal that the overall performance results are much higher and much more effective in a homogenous team. They do not disclose that despite promotion of creativity in a heterogeneous group, communication always suffers and misunderstandings, due to cultural and intellectual differences, can harbor conflicts and uncooperative behavior.

It is common sense to agree that too much of a mixed flavor is never a good thing. So let me tell you a secret. I will uncover for you the purpose of what the government and the corporations have been using as celebration of diversity. The lucid existence of the forms that ask you about your ethnicity and background is not to prevent racial discrimination, as hypocritical and dishonest as it may sound, it is used as a vehicle to filter out and give preference to certain elite groups of people who do not fall into the diverse minority and the oppressed category. We white people are intelligent enough to wrap our most intolerant and prejudice ideas into the most beautiful and attractive disguise to be able to win and prove one more time again that we are the superior race.

If you were raised on the greener side of the world, you should know George Orwell and his book Animal Farm. A quote that is forever engraved in my mind is “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”.

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