interracial couples

Interracial dating and intermarriage

Interracial dating and intermarriage has increased in the last century due to greater human mobility and multiculturalism. It should be remembered that personal preferences and the presence or absence of prejudice are irrelevant to people who are born and die in the same town or city, which was often the case before the invention of […]

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Diversity is Arbitrary

Diversity has become a fashionable concept since a couple of years ago. Previously the craze was around multiculturalism, and the fad about mosaic. But what is diversity and what good does it do to our society today? Why do we celebrate it and value it so much? Diversity is a society that is composed of […]

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xen•o•pho•bi•a / Racism

The colors black and white have always been used as opposites whether in art, literature, epic stories, symbolism, pagan tales, etc. Black has always denoted darkness, and white signified light! In other words, black is the sign of evil and white the evidence of good. We can refer all this back to the caveman. To […]

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Hollywood and Race

Hollywood & Racism

Since the civil rights movements, organizations have moved towards elimination of discrimination in hiring practices. Even though discriminations still happens in all forms and shapes, there are laws against hiring based on race or place of origin.  But such laws do not apply to Hollywood when hiring actors for film or television. In fact, roles […]

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White Men – Asian Women

If you live in some major metropolitan centers in Canada or United States, or even in some parts of Europe, you will notice increasing number of Asian/Caucasian mixed couples.  What is interesting, of course, is that very high percentage of these relationships is between “white men” and “Asian” women.  (“Asian” being referred to Chinese, Japanese […]

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White Men – Asian Women – Part 2

Well it’s been over a year now since I wrote my first article on Asian Women/White men relationships for and there was a lot of interest in my post. I received mixed reviews to my observations. A couple of friends who are in relationships with Asian women, and read the article, got a little […]

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Diaries of a Hillbilly – The Internet

A few years ago I was looking for a newer truck to impress my old lady, so I went all over the town asking people if they want to sell their vehicle. When I asked my cousin Merle if he knows someone who has a truck for sale, he said why you don’t go on […]

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Love or Hate?

Recently I have been trying to analyze why there are so many problems with people and societies? Why are we so isolated and broken? Why are we always fighting each other rather than making peace and live together with dignity and be happy. What is it that makes most human beings to have some sort […]

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Jesus Was Not “White”

Have you ever seen a movie about Jesus and his life, where he was not a white guy? That would be probably hard to find especially if the movie was made in Hollywood. Assuming that historical facts about Jesus are correct, he was a Jewish Middle Eastern man. He was not from Europe! So why […]

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“Brown People”

The recent events in history, from the inception of the estate of Israel to attacks of the September 11th, have really changed the world and created new misperceptions. Apparently a new race has emerged and it’s called the “Brown People” which is not necessarily the same concept as it used to be. The classification of […]

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