Love or Hate?

Recently I have been trying to analyze why there are so many problems with people and societies? Why are we so isolated and broken? Why are we always fighting each other rather than making peace and live together with dignity and be happy. What is it that makes most human beings to have some sort of hatred in them and constantly fight?

There is no simple answer to such questions. We could argue that it’s the human nature which makes us to be selfish warriors and therefore we fight to survive. But we are not living in the Stone Age anymore and we are supposed to be civilized. We have evolved from being vicious animals to become civilized species and act accordingly. Yet we still hate and hurt each other in one way or another even when we claim otherwise.

Human minds are influenced by a mixture of factors. Genetics, chemical imbalances, upbringing, financial and social status, schooling, religion and culture are some of the factors that shape our characteristics and result in how we behave as adults.

There is so much talk about differences in race, culture and religion which results in generalizations, stereotypes and people’s categorizations. However, we observe that even people of the same race, culture or religion still find enough differences to fight and hate each other.

We could further discuss the politics and “business” of hate and war and the propaganda machines which fuel them all, but that is a good topic for another article!

We should look at a much simpler portion of a society and that is a family unit; a husband and wife or partners who even have the same culture, race or religion. As husbands and wives we still fight, manipulate and try to impose our ideas and points of view on each other, regardless of what is right or wrong. We have problems listening to each other, communicating effectively or find true common grounds. We focus on all the negatives and forget or ignore all the positive values that we have or share. In other words we forget about love.

We are so consumed by artificial aspects of life that we forget about what really matters. Materialism and superficial desires prevail not only over our constructive emotions but even our logic. We gradually overlook all the good that one possesses and only focus on negatives. Our selfishness blinds our judgment and we fail to remember why we have decided to live with each other in the first place. Our egocentricity and self-centeredness could turn what we call love into hate and ruin our relationships.

Love is a state of mind that could create happiness for all. In contrast hate creates ill-feelings and misery and it’s infectious.  In most cases we pass on sadness and hate to our children and therefore we contribute to pollution of minds which spreads to our societies and beyond.

At the end of our lives we all turn into dust, regardless of if we are rich or poor, back or white, “beautiful” or less attractive. We have a choice between leaving behind our love and positive energy, or to take our lifelong hatred and sorrow into our graves.

So let’s start building strong relationships, do away with all negativities and turn our lives upside down, graciously. Although it’s too difficult to change one’s traits and characteristics, we do have the power to change our frame of mind. We can certainly try to become better human beings, in which we have nothing to lose but surely so much to gain.


Article written by peacefighter

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