“Brown People”

The recent events in history, from the inception of the estate of Israel to attacks of the September 11th, have really changed the world and created new misperceptions. Apparently a new race has emerged and it’s called the “Brown People” which is not necessarily the same concept as it used to be.

The classification of people as brown goes back centuries. A number of anthropologists have refereed to various people of darker skin color as brown. For example in South Africa some “non-whites” including those born to black-white unions were referred to as the “brown people”. In Brazil Pardos are identified as the “brown people” which is one of the color classification of Brazilians.  

During the occupation of India the British began to call the people of South East Asia as the “Browns” as a derogatory term. Ironically many people of Indian decent accepted the term as a color of their race and now use it in a proud way. (even though their race is actually of the Caucasian origin)  

In general many people of darker complexions in various parts of the world have been referred to as “brown people” including aborigines of Australia, darker skin Latinos of the Americas and beyond.

In recent years the concept of the “brown people” has dramatically changed and has taken on a more political and even more racist form. The “brown people” is now more associated with the Muslims as if they are all part of a race with brown as their color! Frantically, the people of south Asia, majority of whom are Sikhs or Hindus, are mistakenly called the Muslims because of the color of their skin, and their culture.

However many people of European decent from countries such as Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Cyprus, with the same skin tone are not considered as “Brown”. Perhaps if the same people were also Muslims, they would have also been referred to as “Brown”.

There are many people in the world whose religion is Islam, and therefore are called Muslims, from cultures that do not have much in common except perhaps for their faith. Islam is a religion, not a race. There are many people who are Muslims but are of European, African, Middle Eastern or Asian decent. Categorizing all as the “Brown People” is nothing but utter ignorance and hatred.

A few months ago I was in a restaurant with about 20 co-workers around a table and as usual, after a few drinks, the friendly racist discussions and jokes started to go around. The ignorant rant that was just polluting the room was just appalling. And as the new fashion goes it was all about “Brown peoples” bashing. There were a few people with darker skin colors and everyone was trying to figure out which one of then is actually “brown” based on their religion and place of origin.

The fact is that there is no such a thing as the “Brown People”. It’s just a racist term that is being used to further separate people and societies from each other and create more hatred.


Article written by greenlover

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