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The colors black and white have always been used as opposites whether in art, literature, epic stories, symbolism, pagan tales, etc. Black has always denoted darkness, and white signified light! In other words, black is the sign of evil and white the evidence of good.

We can refer all this back to the caveman. To man the predator-filled night invariably scary and the rise of the white light depicted the arrival of the day. Black embodied the unknown, sadness, death versus white vanquishing the darkness.

Is this the root of all racism? For ages, racism has been and will always be a touchy subject. The article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights comes into play:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

We can agree to disagree or vice versa that supporting this article gives rise to reinforce racial discrimination and prejudice in words, publications, and any expressed communication or propaganda without any restriction. We can also argue that having the right to freedom of opinion and speech can lead to very dire sequel.

The concept of racism and xenophobia has been as previously said invented by people themselves based on meanings and representations of the two opposite colors and all that is attached to them. There is a squabble that white is not a color, rather absence of it; and black is the communion of pigments of all colors that absorb all light.

Racism influences how we relate to other human beings. Human beings unconsciously harbor racism and xenophobia and pass it to the next generation even when they claim to be tolerant and equalitarian. It is so entwined in our way of thinking and behavior that we fail to recognize it.

Since humans have existed, they have been striving for power. To achieve supremacy, they had to discriminate and promote one social group above another in order to exploit the inferior. Those who exercise this force towards others create and publicize the belief that they are of higher rank in physical appearance, intelligence, skill fullness, capabilities, competency, effectiveness, and virtue.

They give themselves the authority to hold a rank of prestige and consider themselves the righteous owners of all privileges. They encourage fear and hatered vis a vis those perceived as inferior. This mental outlook and position entertains dismay and aggression predominantly during war or economic downturn.

At this point I would like you to stop for a moment and ponder upon what we logically call race. To my understanding there is only one race in this world, at least on this planet, that we should concern ourselves with. That is the human race. Everything else we conceive in our mind in regards to different races is pure ignorance.

In my next blog, I will contemplate a certain list of anecdotes to shed light on how the use of words and concepts such as multiculturalism, visible minority, ethnicity, color and skin can be harmful to the existence of today’s human race. We are all born with beautiful differences, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. No matter from which part of this planet and from what genetic makeup we are, we are all similar yet all uniquely different. It is our selfish genes, greed, hunger for power, imagination, and ingenuity that give birth to the concept of racism, xenophobia, the fountainhead of sugar coated fascism.

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